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How much does concrete fence cost?

Welcome! We understand that you have probably been dreaming about building a permanent and maintenance free concrete fencing system. There are a lot of options and decisions that are involved in building a concrete fence. One of the biggest decisions is deciding if a concrete fence will fit your budget?

There are a few things you need to consider when researching the cost of a concrete fence:

● The finishing height of your concrete fence;
● The quantity of materials needed;
● The site condition to determine installation pricing;
● Any extra work needed before or after installation

Let’s take a look at each one of these factors to get a better estimate.

The Height of the Fence

The higher the fence, the more privacy and better sound reduction quality you will get.

The material cost of your concrete fence is determined by two factors: height and quantity. As a result, choosing the right height for your home can determine how much you spend on your concrete fence.

Typical bylaw for municipalities across BC allows for a 6 feet high fencing system. If you want a higher fence, you will need to apply for a permit to the City Hall in your municipality. However, please consult the bylaw in your city to determine what is allowed.

On average, here is the material price associated with the height: (Updated Jan 2024)

4’/5’: $63+/ linear foot ($205/ meter)
6’: $73+/ linear foot ($240/ meter)

7’: $85+/ linear foot ($275/ meter)
8’: $100+/ linear foot ($330/ meter)

When comparing cost, it is good to note that these prices are basic pricing only. There may be additional costs to special batching, pattern, and finishes. In addition, you will need to know how much fencing you need in order to determine a material ball park estimate.

*While higher the fence is often better, but choosing the best height to cost ratio would help you save a lot of money.

The Quantity of Material Needed

This aspect of the estimate is straight-forward. You need to find out how much fencing you need in linear foot or linear meter and multiply that amount with the fence height pricing you want.

For example, if you require 150 linear foot worth of 6 feet high concrete fence. Your material estimate will be 150 x $69 = $10,350.

Now that you have the material pricing, you can decide whether you want to install the fence yourself as a DIY project or have someone install the fence for you. If you want installation pricing as well, please proceed to the next section.

*If you are looking to replace your old wood fence but don’t have measuring tools. A good rule of thumb is that each cedar panels are roughly 8 ft wide. Count up the number of cedar panels you have and multiply it by 8 will get you the fence length that requires replacement.

The site condition to determine installation pricing

A few things to keep in mind for site condition are:

● Is the fence line on a slope; the bigger the slope, the harder it is to install.
● Are there trees and vegetation on or near the fence line? Roots, rocks, and boulders is the biggest issue there is when it comes to installing a concrete fence.
● How much fencing do you need? The more you need, the cheaper it gets per linear foot. It takes just as much work to come out to install 30 linear foot of fencing as it does for 80 linear foot.
● Are there utilities under or over the fence line? A quick call to BC One-call can give you the answer.
● Is the property line clearly defined? The last thing you want is the project to stop half way due to a property line dispute.
● Finishing height of your concrete fence. The higher the finishing height, the more work involved.
● Is there a clear access to transport material and tools in and out easily?

*Ensuring there is a wide access for material transport can cut down a lot of installation efforts and cost.

Depending on the difficulty outlined above, the average installation pricing for a 6 feet high concrete fence is $32 - $42. You can always email or call for a more comprehensive quote.

Any extra work needed before or after installation

It is good to keep in mind the scope of work done for the installation of a concrete fence so you are not surprised by any hidden cost. Typically what is quoted for installation is only a clean fence installation on an empty fence line.

Here are potential areas that may incur extra work:

● Old fence removal and disposal
● Delivery of material
● Painting
● Landscaping before and/or after installation. If there are bushes, trees, or vegetation in the way of the fence line, this requires extra work to remove.

To sum it up

Your concreting fence can be broken down to two main components: Material and Installation. You can opt out of installation by simply doing a DIY project as most residential fencing project only take about 3-5 days to complete.

For a more in-depth explanation or to receive your own quote for your concrete fence, please email us at or call (604) 952-5272

Your fence height matters

Your fence height matters

Most wood panels are 8 ft wide

Most wood panels are 8 ft wide

Site conditions will effect prices

Site conditions will effect prices

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