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What's In Your Backyard?

A rotting wood fence?

Is this something you would see in your backyard or front yard? Is that your fence?

We all know the housing market in Vancouver is ridiculously expensive and has been on a constant rise. And those of us who are able to own or live in a single detached house realize the immense value of our homes. This is because nowadays, single detached housing starts around 1 million dollars in Vancouver. I guess being a millionaire in Vancouver does not get you very far.

Why is it that if we can spend such a big amount of money buying ridiculously expensive houses, we cannot spend some money dressing our homes up with a beautiful fence?

Not only does a old rickety fence decrease the overall physical atheistic of the property, it also creates potential liabilities if it were ever to fall down on someone or endanger the livelihood of the inhabitants on that property.

Benefits of having a well maintained/ new fence/Piece of mind Increase in property value - ( Security Privacy

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