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Can I have a Fence Installed in Winter?


A lot of people tend to think that a fence installation should wait until Spring or Summer when the weather tends to be good. Little do people know that a fence can be installed year round. And it may actually be beneficial to install during the winter. Many fencing contractors operate year round and business often slows down during colder months as weather sours. As a way to keep their workers working and paid, many contractors actually charge bargain prices (sometimes at cost!) just to make up for slow business.

It is true that winter weather can hinder a fence installation. This is due to two main reasons:

1. Rainy weather or wet conditions that causes soil to be wet. The ground in this case will not have a chance to dry out. The ground condition will be muddy and the holes will likely be filled with water. This is not a condition to pour concrete footing for the posts. A weak post foundation could mean problems down the road. And yes, problems usually means more money out of your pocket.

2. The ground is frozen. Try digging a hole when the ground is frozen. This is back-breaking stuff. Not fun at all.

The first problem is unavoidable. So be it.

However, the second problem is usually more of an issue to people installing their own fences than to contractors. Digging through frozen ground with a shovel can be brutal. However, many contractors have machine powered augers or other tools to help them dig. How many residential owners can say they have an auger in the shed?

Keep in mind that installing your own fence in Winter condition can be hazardous as the ground are wet and slippery. Leave it to the professionals who has been doing this for a living!

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